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Hablar Bien En Publico

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This practical guide is intended for men and women interested in improving the way they speak before a group. It teaches, step by step, drawing on examples, advice, and anecdotes, all of which are necessary to be able to express oneself with clarity, eloquence, and effectiveness. It also gives guidelines to control our insecurities in front of a crowd and to project an image of confidence and enthusiasm. The author has studied topics that range from the preparation of a conference, to the handling of questions from the audience, including the nonverbal language and empathy. It deals with shyness that obstructs some from developing personally and professionally, as well as for those who want to strengthen their gifts of leadership and communication in different areas, such as sales, executives, professors, panelists, public figures, actors, radio announcers, and presenters. It includes a self-teaching CD with demonstrations and vocal exercises to improve your voice.

Harold Zuñiga


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